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The sound library by harpist Kety Fusco, “Beyond the Harp”, is now available on the artist’s official website

Beyond the Harp is the first sound library of non-traditional sounds recorded with the classical harp. By non-traditional sounds we mean all those sounds that you would never expect from a harp: in Beyond the Harp you will only find sounds of strings plucked with clothespins for example and technical noises that come from the 1415 parts that make up the classical harp. You will hear the sound of the mechanics of the harp, the sound of the strings vibrating through the objects Kety Fusco is using, such as a double bass bow, or a crystal glass. Kety Fusco’s sound library contains 438 sounds and will make you discover that even in 2022 there is still something to discover about the oldest instrument in the world. Producers and composers will finally be able to create compositions with non-traditional harp sounds that will see the light for the first time in the world: Beyond the Harp, Extreme Extended Experimental.

Kety Fusco transports us into a new era, one of the subversive sounds generated by her sound research on the harp. Fusco wants to break away from the world of harp music, making the innovation of the instrument available to everyone, not just harpists: “It would be easy for me to play arpeggios, and create sound worlds thanks to my technique as a harpist that I studied for 15 years at the conservatory, I don’t like playing easy, I want the harp to break out of its harp/arpeggio connotation. I want even a musician who doesn’t play the harp to be able to take a harp in hand and explore it with a more punk approach and not as a harpist“.

Many of the sounds of this sound library can be found in Kety Fusco’s new sound-track, Music To Make A Dream Come True, released on the international label Floating Notes Records and accompanied by the horror videoclip shot by Francesca Reverito and Riccardo Bernasconi of Studio Asparagus, among woods, harps suspended in the air as heretical-mystical instruments, evocations and dances in the grip of possession.


Monoscopes announce their debut album “Painkillers And Wine”, out on January 28th, 2022, and release the brand new single “Ages Of You”

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Debut EP “Nocturnal” by Pearz is out today via Annibale Records: an imaginary soundtrack for the hours of the night, between groove and soul

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“Tonight” is the second single by Casta (ex Two Hicks One Cityman), taken from the debut EP “Straight Outta 1991” out on February 5th 2021

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