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The Mills: “Lunar Phase” is the special acoustic single by the Italian indie rock band, out today December 4th, 2020 via Slimer Records

Lunar Phase, the new single by The Mills, is out on all digital platforms on December 4th, 2020 for Slimer Records.

Two years ago I wrote a song titled Lunar Phase and it stayed there. A few months ago my girlfriend Anna told me: ‘I would like to take a whole roll of photos of your face, as a representation of the cyclical nature of events, of physical and non-physical mutation, as if it were a moon phase’. Here, then, is Lunar Phase”.

The statement is from Andrea Sanson aka Morris, formerly in New Ivory and Muleta. The Mills is the indie rock project founded by him in early 2019 to rework his inner demons, as if he were “on a hammock in a gas station“. The debut album Cerise, an electric exorcism by the way, was released on April 17, 2020 by Overdub Recordings. In the meantime, the band has become more and more a proper band, formed by Morris and Augusto Dalle Aste with the inclusion of Lorenzo Valé and the latest addition Piero Pedrezzolli. In Lunar Phase, to support them, there are also Marco Billo on keyboards and Luigi Dalle Aste on violins. In the video of the song, directed by Billo himself, we can the photos of Morris taken by the aforementioned Anna, as a circle that is now closed – or a moon phase that is completed.

Lunar Phase was recorded by the Vicenza-based band during the summer of 2020; then it was mixed and mastered at the Outside Inside Studio in Treviso by Matt Bordin, able to give shape to ideas and capture the right moment. In the same studio, in September, The Mills have also completed their second album to be expected in 2021. Lunar Phase is reflective and intimate ballad for the irrepressible alt-punk Italian band, and it’s a song in a class of its own, in the short lapse of time between two records. It’s an ideal connection between before and after.


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