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The Alien Cormorant & Cecilia Miradoli: “From My House To Your House” EP, a lockdown collaboration between Scotland and Italy, is now available on Spotify

From My House To Your House, a 5-track EP by Scottish musician & producer The Alien Cormorant and Italian singer Cecilia Miradoli one half of the Italian duo PINHDAR, is available through Bandcamp and now also on Spotify. The EP was developed remotely during the lockdown imposed by the world health emergency, in a period of strong emotional tension, and consists of five songs between dream pop and neoclassical dark wave revealing the common passion for Portishead, Nico and Ennio Morricone. All proceeds from the online sales of the EP will be donated to the charities; Fondazione IRCCS Ca’ Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico di Milano and Dundee Foodbank.

The third brand new video for Resto Sveglia, which translates as “I Lie Awake” in English, was edited and produced by The Alien Cormorant using footage filmed by Miradoli in Milan. Miradoli says of the song: “Resto Sveglia is the portrait of the sleepless nights that millions of people have spent in these long months of lockdown. Nights spent listening to every little noise that comes from outside, an outside that has become unfamiliar and dangerous. These nights can only be described through the noises of the sleeping city that are a memory of a lost normality. I listen to my thoughts projected on the walls of a room that gave me security but also a feeling of claustrophobia. The time always flowed the same, night after night, as I lay awake waiting for another suspended day”. The Alien Cormorant adds: “The video perfectly captures the intensely claustrophobic nature of the song. Having spent many nights lying awake, wondering what the future holds for us all in the ‘new normal’, I’ve used this experience to interoperate my nocturnal thoughts into filmic ideas”.


God Of The Basement: “Bobby Is Dead” is the new album by the heavy pop band out today June 25, 2021 via Stock-a Production

Bobby Is Dead is a journey, a strange kind of blasphemous odyssey. Bobby Is Dead is the second heavy pop album by the Italian band… Leggi Tutto

Be Forest: new album “Knocturne” out today!

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Dust & The Dukes: band’s ride starts with the new single “Run” out today!

Dust & The Dukes’ journey starts from the single Run, while sand rises in a storm and the darkness envelops the sunset’s tongues of fire. Released… Leggi Tutto