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Sunday Morning: watch the video of the new single “Power”


Kety Fusco: “Music To Make A Dream Come True” is the new horror single by the harpist and sound researcher, out today March 4th, 2022

Kety Fusco transports us into a new era, one of music to make dreams come true and the subversive sounds generated by her sound research on the… Leggi Tutto

R.Y.F. shares “Everything Burns – Matteo Vallicelli Remix”, out now on Bronson Recordings

Everything Burns is the title track of the new album by R.Y.F., alias of the songwriter and musician Francesca Morello, released in 2021 via Bronson Recordings and led… Leggi Tutto

CASA BASE is the new multimedia project by the Italian collective Minus, out today June 18th, 2021 via Slowth Records

CASA BASE is a multimedia project that includes a series of video improvisations and a record tout today  June 18th, 2021 by Slowth Records. The concept of the project is a game piece, a controlled… Leggi Tutto