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“Songs For Eternal Lovers” is the new album by Tin Woodman out today January 21th, 2022 via Retro Vox Records

Songs For Eternal Lovers is the new album by Tin Woodman out today January 21th, 2022 via Retro Vox Records, on vinyl and on all digital platforms, led by the singles Tropicalia Woodie ResortLoversRoverbot, Starship and Gamma Ray Chewingum.

The “songs for eternal lovers” contained in the second full length record of the Italian project – formed by Simone Ferrari (Simon Diamond)Davide Chiari (Dave The Wave) and obviously Tin Woodman, the robot landed from the secret city of Wautah in order to become a rock star – are twelve indie pop-rock shots for a journey that explodes as many blows to the heart.

Looking both at sound landmarks of the past and at current contaminations, in a return to the future from the Beatles to Run The Jewels, Songs For Eternal Lovers is as eclectic as it is catchy, and hides a great work of songwriting, arrangement and finally of “synthesis”. It is thanks to a long work in progress that the record, despite its compactness, has turned into a mine of potential killer singles of those that are hard to find nowadays. Songs For Eternal Lovers is a sort of retro-futuristic amusement park where Tin Woodman partially left their vaporwave mood to increase the glam elements and achieve completely new results. According to them, “The empathy between harmonies and lyrics had never come out so well from our songs. We have put together many influences but above all we have experimented with personal ideas that can only be traced back to us“.

On a conceptual level, everything revolves around love and its implications, its sins, troubles and wonders. But Songs For Eternal Lovers – the title is taken from the song Deezworld – is not a concept album in the most common sense of the term. “There are songs that talk about the world seen by a robot through the most important events of the last century, puns that use the connection with the pop-culture of the 90s, tracks that tell about love – the excited one of the first dating and the one that fights against discrimination – between kisses and passionate bites in a real relational odyssey. This album is a single work of twelve songs, an authentic emotional vortex that could not be split into pieces”.

The new single Gamma Ray Chewingum features DELLERA (Afterhours, The Winstons) on choirs and bass. DELLERA is one of the guest on a list that also includes Chiara Amalia Bernardini (KICK)Wawa Sané, a wind section (Dario Acerboni on sax, Luca Bonardi on trumpet and Davide Albrici on trombone) and three drummers: Emanuele Tosoni (HAN, Giungla), Michele Marelli (Bugo, Pink Holy Days) and Matteo Arici (Plan de Fuga).

The other singles already taken from the album are Tropicalia Woodie Resort (a glam-pop party song dedicated to the celebration of LGBTQIA+ rights and to the freedom of choice), Lovers (a garage-rap hymn to love and artistic empathy supported by a video shot by Marco Jeannin full of many guests) and Roverbot (a bittersweet r&b ballad for soft-hearted androids, dedicated to the description of loneliness, that takes inspiration from the Bristol trip hop scene of the 90s and from an elegant pro-Britpop romanticism). In addition to Starship (with a video directed always by Jeannin), a warm and kaleidoscopic trip for brave souls, those who are most able to see far away.

Among the other songs in the tracklist, there are the dream-hip hop of 1989, the synth-explosion of Supercar, the sparkling uptempo of U Know U Want It and the fairytale lyricism for the marginalized of the aforementioned DeezworldSongs For Eternal Lovers follows the debut EP Metal Sexual Toy Boy and the first album Azkadellia, released between 2017 and 2018. Simon Diamond and Dave The Wave have always been engaged in long tours, also supporting colleagues such as Public Service Broadcasting and The Last Internationale, and are ready to present a whole new live set, and Tin Woodman, the world’s only on-stage music-making robot, is getting revamped, with a new feature upgrade covering lights and movements.

Songs For Eternal Lovers was recorded between the summer and autumn of 2020 at La Buca Recording Club in Montichiari (Brescia), renowned for its analog sound. The album was recorded and mixed by Simone Piccinelli with the technical support of Gabriele Ponticiello. The production is by Davide Chiari (Centuries Reverb), while the mastering was handled by Daniele Salodini at the Woodpecker Mastering in Brescia. The artwork is by Nicola Mora.

Society is evolving, or at least it should. Tin Woodman, for sure, is evolving. Made in the darkest moment of the pandemic, Songs For Eternal Lovers is a love letter that spreads light and glitter in the form of songs. “Eternal lovers are the recipients to whom we dedicate our songs”.


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