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“Sirens Never Sleep” is the new single by KICK, from the new album “Light Figures” out on November via Anomic Records/Dischi Sotterranei/Sour Grapes

Sirens Never Sleep is the new single by KICK, out now via Anomic Records (Germany), Dischi Sotterranei (Italy)  and Sour Grapes (United Kingdom). Like the full new album coming next November, the song was produced with Marco Fasolo (Jennifer Gentle, I Hate My Village).

KICK are Chiara Amalia Bernardini (vocals, bass) and Nicola Mora (guitars, electric piano, synths, samplers). Their sound combines rough elements and others more dreamy in a sound that could ideally be defined “sweet noise”, a style on their own melting the noise with the softness of the atmosphere, without any limits of genre. The backgound of the duo from Brescia ranges from the hypnosis of trip hop to stoner and desert rock.

After the first excerpt Setting Tina featuring Scott Reeder (Kyuss), released during the summer, the brand new single Sirens Never Sleep continues a natural change of direction compared to what was previously released by the Italian band (the debut album Mothers of 2016 and the EP Post-Truth of 2018): the sound become less electronic and at the same time more analogue, minimal and heavy.

Sirens Never Sleep, with a crooked footstep between post-punk and no-wave, increases its magnetic aura of mystery with lyrics sung partly in an unknown language. After all, the sirens, hybrid and ambivalent by definition, are linked to the unknown and following them means getting lost and embark on new adventures. “Sirens Never Sleep is an ironic and light-hearted song, a dedication to the creatures who deceive us with their song, leading us to crash on the rocks“.

Premiered on Sentireascoltare, the video of Sirens Never Sleeps was realized by Zannunzio, visual artist and bassist/vocalist of the band submeet. The night shots were filtered through the glitch art technique: digital or analog errors, obtained with the corruption of files or the reworking of electronic devices, become artistic and decorative expedients that give new aspect and meaning to the image. According to the director: “The particular glitches used for the video, that’s to say pixel-sorting and the data-moshing, create that sense of vertigo and anguish that make the entire video a real documentation of a descent into hell, where KICK can be seen as modern Charons“.


submeet announce their first album “Terminal”, to be released on January 24th 2020 by Lady Sometimes Records. Brand new single out today!

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