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“SHIVERS” is the new single by electric harpist Kety Fusco, out today May 13th, 2022 on Floating Notes Records

Defined as “The queen of the electric harp”, Kety Fusco continues to surprise and destabilize expectations with her new single SHIVERS, produced by Francesco Motta and Aris Bassetti, out today May 13th, 2022 on all digital platforms via the international label Floating Notes RecordsSHIVERS is the first excerpt from a new solo album coming next year.

The Italian-Swiss harpist launches a new provocation: the new track SHIVERS, with the collaboration at the cello of Carmine Iuvone, represents a new form of music, a new genre. Fusco’s harp sings as if it were a voice, and in the track the whole sound is created entirely by the harp: the sound box creates the rhythm, the harmonic sounds of the harp decorate the harmony, the scratchy noises envelop the atmosphere of this composition. According to Fusco: “The search for the instrumental genre of the harp instrument is also about discovering what kind of music and genre you can create with it. Since there is no real musical reference to the world of contemporary pop music on the harp, I have to make attempts to express myself and continue to embrace my idea of the contemporary harp, feeling its vibrations and letting myself be overwhelmed by the shivers that these resonances cause me, and continue to compose and let the world discover a new idea of the harp“.

Kety Fusco’s music is a mix of insistence and passion, popelectronic music and wild dancing on the one hand and organic research of experimental music on the other. SHIVERS follows the horror sound-track Music To Make A Dream Come True, released last March as the result of sound research on the harp. Music To Make A Dream Come True, with an esoteric videoclip shot by Studio Asparagus, was the result of a sampling of sounds from Kety’s harp, which she has published in her personal sound library Beyond the Harp, Extreme Extended Experimental, available to artists, producers and art lovers on the website Fusco wants to transform the vision of the harp, moving away from the usual arpeggios and sound carpets that this instrument can easily create, but delving into a world of timbre that one would never think belongs to the harp.  The sound research on the harp will continue in autumn with the release of the experimental record THE HARP by Kety Fusco Pt. I, realized in collaboration with IOSONOUNCANE, the master and sound engineer Alessio Sabella and Aris Bassetti, which will have its world premiere this summer at the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival 2022

Kety Fusco took the music world by storm with her debut album DAZED (Universal distribution), thanks to which she was nominated for three categories during the last Swiss Live Talents Awards in Bern (CH) and performed her compositions in the hall of  The Parliament Building in Bern. Fusco also opened the Locarno Film Festival with an original transcription of the Swiss anthem. During the global pandemic, despite the interruption of live music, Fusco was asked to perform a piece by Ennio Morricone, performing at the Verona Arena, and played her tracks as a thank you from the city for the work done during the pandemic by the social and health workers on the roof of the Lugano Civic hospital. We also remember her collaborations, over the years, with creative musicians like Clap! Clap!, Lubomyr Melnyk and the band Peter Kernel. Fusco reached one of the most important steps in her career in 2021, when she was invited by the United Nations to the SDG Global Festival of Action, sharing the virtual stage with Patti Smith and Ben Harper. With more than 150 concerts in Europe in just two years, Fusco will play at the Paléo Festival 2022 sharing the stage with great names of pop music including Stromae. “The meaning of my musical compositions and my live performances is the overcoming of the inherent limitations and constraints of traditional acoustic instruments. In short, the search for a place in the world“.


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