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“Sale Rosa” is the new album by dellacasa maldive, out on November 12th, 2021 via La Valigetta; listen to the brand new single “Pedalini”

Sale Rosa is the new psych-disco pop album by dellacasa maldive, out on November 12th, 2021 for the independent record label La Valigetta, led by the singles DomaniVoglio Solo Stare Fuori All’Aria Aperta and the brand new Pedalini, available from today September 17th on all digital platforms.

dellacasa maldive is the Italian music project by Riccardo Dellacasa, multi-instrumentalist born in 1991 and active between Paris, Milan, and Venice, where he wrote, arranged, produced and mixed the new album during the winter of 2020/2021. The years spent on stage, together with Wemen, Emmanuelle and Verano, have contributed to a conscious process of stylistic research which looks beyond any geographical border.

Following an approach devoted to essentiality and total freedom of expression, the result is an encounter between electronics and psychedelia, inspired by artists such as ESG, Funkadelic, Larry Gus, The Holydrug Couple and many others. It’s music to sing and dance, fast-moving between catchy melodies and spoken word, engaging rhythms and funk-garage guitars. Sale Rosa is the second album by dellacasa maldive after the debut album Amore Italiano, mixed by Marco Fasolo from Jennifer Gentle and released in 2019. Dellacasa says that “Sale Rosa is a record in which I put my face, talking about stories that I have really lived, and that I have realized completely on my own“.

The new single Pedalini is an ironic yet sincere hymn to music. After a dreamy start, we find ourselves catapulted into punk immediacy. The refrain is a declaration of intent: «Mi rimane il desiderio di farti ballare e cantare (I have the desire to make you dance and sing)». According to Dellacasa: “Pedalini is a song written in one go. I couldn’t stop it. It expresses the essence of the experience of live music, as a musician and as a listener, and perhaps it also derives from the fact that recently it has not been possible to play on stage due to the pandemic. I’s a tribute to that kind of magic. And then there are the guitar pedals. Guitars are often considered obsolete, but I am happy to have chosen guitar chords instead of DJ turntables. Long live the pedals!“.

Two more singles have already been taken from the album. Domani is about the human art of procrastinating in a very uncertain future, with acid house synth, vocoder and fuzzy riffs. Voglio Solo Stare Fuori All’Aria Aperta (in English, the title sounds like I Just Wanna Stay Out In The Fresh Air), launched during the summer in its radio version, is a return to life that combines the need to be in the nature and together with friends with a groovy sound, blending 70s imprinting, cosmic pop and a playful homage to David Bowie’s Fashion.

All the video clips are made by Camilla Mazzocato. Graphics and imagery are of Davide Bezier, bassist of dellacasa maldive. The live line-up is completed with Dario Canepa on drums, and Emanuele Morena on guitar and keyboards.

dellacasa maldive tries to stay in balance between LCD Soundsystem and Franco Battiato, electronic music and songwriting. The gentle but pressing beat reminds us that we want to jump and live, while Riccardo’s voice explains why music is such an important refuge and cure. These are not only simple songs. dellacasa maldive travels musically between New York, Manchester, Paris, Abuja and Malé, tracing a personal map of references for an imaginary place to visit listen after listen.



dellacasa maldive: “Sale Rosa” is the new album to sing and dance, out today November 12th, 2021 via La Valigetta

Sale Rosa is the new psych-disco pop album by dellacasa maldive, out today November 12th, 2021 for the independent record label La Valigetta, led by the… Leggi Tutto

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