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“Roverbot” is the new single by Tin Woodman, out now as third excerpt from the new album “Songs For Eternal Lovers” to be released on January 2022

Roverbot is the new single by Tin Woodman, a ballad for softhearted androids available today October 22th, 2021 on all digital platforms via Retro Vox Records.

Simone Ferrari (Simon Diamond)Davide Chiari (Dave The Wave) and Tin Woodman, the robot landed from the secret city of Wautah in order to become a rock star, joined forces for a bittersweet r&b gem that takes inspiration from the Bristol trip hop scene of the 90s. The lyrics of the song are about loneliness and difficulties in interpersonal relationships, enhanced by an elegant romanticism that recalls Britpop nuances tracing an imaginary line of union between Bryan Ferry and Damon Albarn. So, the robot Tin Woodman becomes an introspective “rover”, who explores the darkest corners of its mind, walking the streets between skyscrapers and rubbish bins, listening to the noises of the night and the voices of other passers-by («I feel I behave better than these humans do»). The song features Emanuele Braoboy Tosoni on drums and Chiara Amalia Bernardini of the sweet noise duo KICK on the backing vocals. Roverbot is a song for lovers with scent of incense and kisses on titanium mouths, and also for journeys through particles and stars.

Loneliness surfaces at different stages of our lives. Each time it is perceived differently, giving rise to new configurations of feelings and thoughts. The first part of the song depicts solitude as a stain that cannot be washed away; an indelible mark that others notice, often turning away. But loneliness is not always a bad thing. It can be seen as the time you are forced to spend alone whilst waiting for something bigger, something important – an encounter, an event – when you can learn to live with yourself, knowing that better times are just around the corner: a special moment in the future that will be lived only by you and by yourself only“.

During 2020 Simon Diamond and Dave The Wave returned to the recording studio to work on their second album, at La Buca Recording Club in Montichiari, Brescia, after releasing the debut EP Metal Sexual Toy Boy in 2017 and the first album Azkadellia in 2018. Meantime, they have been engaged in long tours, also supporting names such as Public Service Broadcasting and The Last Internationale, and for the new gigs they have fit out a complete renewal of the entire live set, and Tin Woodman, the world’s only on-stage music-making robot, is getting revamped, with a new feature upgrade covering lights and movements.

Following Tropicalia Woodie Resort, a glam-pop single-party dedicated to the celebration of LGBTQIA+ rights and of the freedom of choice, and Lovers, a psych-rap hymn to love and artistic empathy, Roverbot is now the third excerpt taken from the new album Songs For Eternal Lovers, to be released on January 21th, 2022. “Eternal lovers are the recipients to whom we dedicate our songs“. Let it be like it is in the best novels.


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