Solaris are a noise rock band from Cesena, formed by Alberto Casadei, Paride Placuzzi, Lorenzo Bartoli and Alan Casali. Their new EP "Io non trovo in lui nessuna colpa", featuring Nicola Manzan and Ottone Pesante, will be released on July 22, 2021 by Bronson Recordings, following the debut album of 2020.

Io non trovo in lui nessuna colpa is the new EP from Solaris, with Nicola Manzan and Ottone Pesante, to be released on July 22th, 2021 via Bronson Recordings; listen to the first single Marcho

Solaris take another step forward with the new EP Io non trovo in lui nessuna colpa, out on all digital platforms on July 22th, 2021 via Bronson Recordings.

The young Italian band, formed by Alberto Casadei (voice and guitar), Paride Placuzzi (guitar), Lorenzo Bartoli(bass) and Alan Casali (drums), is accompanied for the occasion by Nicola Manzan (Bologna Violenta, Ronin) at the strings and by Ottone Pesante, that is Paolo Raineri and Francesco Bucci, at the winds. These two highly significant appearances from the heavy alternative Italian scene contributed to enlarge the sound spectrum of the two songs on the tracklist. The result is a special line-up, which definitely becomes a real super band struggling with an epic, compact and impactful sound.

The input that led us to experiment with news methods of composition and execution was certainly the pandemic. In particular, the tracks are born from the frustration of not being able to play live. The positive aspect of this situation was collaborating with other artists, from a distance, to create new material“.

Io non trovo in lui nessuna colpa was realized with the help of Andrea Cola (Sunday Morning), who recorded and mixed the EP at the StoneBridge Studio in Cesena, then mastered by Giovanni Versari at La Maestà. Finally, the artwork was created by Placuzzi himself, with the aim of representing with the cover painting the atmosphere of the record and the instinct of the unconscious state of mind due to the moment of lockdown.

Founded in 2015, Solaris take their name from the science fiction novel by Polish writer Stanislaw Lem, honored also by Failure, one of the main sources of inspiration for arrangements and imagery, together with Unwound, June of 44 and Karate, among others.

Io non trovo in lui nessuna colpa follows the EP L’Orizzonte degli eventi of 2017 and the first LP Un Paese di musichette mentre fuori c’è la morte of 2020, produced by the legendary Martin Bisi. In addition to many gigs, also supporting similar bands such as Fuzz Orchestra and Ufomammut.

Out from June 30th, 2021, the first single Marcho is an imperious and direct track, between heavy noise explosions and fading digital lines, dedicated to an important artist of the Italian underground scene, Marco Bedini aka Marcho Gronge, frontman of the electro-punk band Gronge.

On the ideal B side of the EP, 0050AA is a suite reconnecting to a post-metal/stoner background, as well as to a style based on distortions and references to the 90s, going through various register changes and leaving room for the incursions of the two instrumental guests.

The title Io non trovo in lui nessuna colpa, translatable as I find no fault in him, derives from the ending of 0050AA. “The connection to the Bible refers to what we experienced between the release of our debut album and this new EP. The feeling that has recently come out has been sloth because some people, instead of taking a stand, have washed their hands of the categories most affected by the consequences of the pandemic“. Solaris and friends take their powerful stand.

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