PINHDAR are a trip hop-dream pop duo from Milan, formed by Cecilia Miradoli and Max Tarenzi. Their second album "Parallel", co-produced with Howie B, will be released on March 26, 2021.

Parallel is the new album by PINHDAR, produced with Howie B and to be released on March 26th, 2021

Welcome to another dimension with Parallel, the new PINHDAR album to be released on March 26th, 2021 on all digital platforms, CD and on September 6th, 2021 on vinyl format via English label Fruits de Mer Records.

Announced in January with its title track chosen as first single, the album was entirely recorded during the lockdown caused by COVID-19 epidemic in the Milan studio owned by the Italian duo, who played everything in full autonomy, and was then co-produced by Howie B, famous Scottish musician and producer who during his career has collaborated with great artists such as Björk, Massive Attack, Tricky, Everything But The Girl, U2 and many more.

Howie B, who returns after several years to support an Italian band after the experiences with Casino Royale, Marlene Kuntz and Ofeliadorme, stated that “Working with PINHDAR over the last few months has been a sonic delight. Working remotely on this project was a big challenge for both myself and the band. This remoteness has given an extra colour to this album. One that is shining“.

PINHDAR – a name inspired by the ancient Greek lyric poet Pindar, symbol of imagination and creative flights in parallel universes – are composed by singer and author Cecilia Miradoli and by musician and producer Max Tarenzi, formerly founders of the rock band Nomoredolls and of the international festival A Night Like This.

The brand new second single Too Late (a big wave), available from February 26th, 2021, is inspired by a relationship in which the inevitability of an encounter overwhelms the fate of the teller. All the songs on the album, including Too Late (a big wave), start from a personal episode to take a broader look at society and our planet. A paralyzing event, a great wave that sweeps away the chance to make different choices for the Earth, can only leave us as dry as a heart that no longer knows how to love or as a cold star: “Today my heart is dry like an extinguished star“. And it may be too late to find a remedy.

Just like further parallel lines in the direction of the same goal, PINHDAR tell us about the genesis of Parallel: “We consider this album our most authentic and painful artistic creation. Its words and atmospheres were born to save us from the dramatic events, including individual ones, that we faced during a surreal 2020. When we finished it, with a strong sense of claustrophobia still on us, we decided to fly it out, away from it all, and then put our music in the hands of one of our favorite producers. So, we tried to contact Howie B and we weren’t hoping for an answer, but the response was quick and enthusiastic. In the end, Howie B not only mixed the songs but even contributed to the production of the record with his sonic manipulations and his immense vibe“.

Parallel is the second record by PINHDAR following the eponymous debut album of 2019, well received also abroad, especially in the United Kingdom, and is the record in which the Italian duo merge dream pop and trip hop in a personal and modern way, with enveloping elegance, captivating rhythms and disturbing gloom, with new wave, shoegaze and indie rock influences. Miradoli and Tarenzi have taken a minimalist approach reducing their sound to what is really necessary. Large space is reserved for the vocal parts, going from melodic singing to whispers and spoken inserts, up to operatic nuances or irregular drifts that recall suggestions between Portishead and Kate Bush. The hypnotic instrumental textures are given by the use of analog synthesizers, electric and acoustic guitars, tom, floor tom and snare drum.

The futuristic sci-fi artwork, developed by visual artist Elisabetta Cardella, reflects the shadowy introspection of the lyrics. The confusion we felt during the months of lockdown, while recording the tracks, pushed us to seek refuge in a parallel reality that however turned out to be alien. This parallel reality is represented on the album cover as a house, a reassuring environment, but settled on the water, an element that appears on the contrary foreign and unstable. Parallel is a kind of dream journey through existential anxiety caused by current social and environmental conditions, dangerous for mankind and for the planet in general, and is an invitation to find alternative paths to go“. PINHDAR speak of loneliness and fears, starting with fear of death. Always with a light of hope.

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