Pearz is the solo project by Francesco Perini, Florentine multi-instrumentalist active in London, former member of the band The Hacienda and international session musician for Tess Parks and M!R!M, among others. The groovy "Blue Winter" is his new single out on July 1st, 2022 on Annibale Records.

Blue Winter is the new single by Pearz, out on July 1st, 2022 on Annibale Records: a train of instrumental grooves between concrete jungles and exotic landscapes

Blue Winter is the new single by Pearz, the project of the Italian-born, London-based multi-instrumentalist Francesco Perini, out on all digital platforms on July 1st, 2022 via Annibale Records. According to Pearz, “Blue Winter is a little journey written with Francesco Bondi that, with his samples collected during a trip to Vietnam, enriched the gloomy atmosphere of the track. That’s the same atmosphere typical of short winter days, or more in general of adventures projected into the unknown. The idea was to follow the bass line as if it was a train cutting between concrete jungles and exotic landscapes“.

For the artwork, Pearz continues the partnership with the acclaimed graphic designer Raissa Pardini, already at work for artists such as IDLES, The Orielles and Mystery Jets. Blue Winter is accompanied, as an ideal B side, by a remix by Michael Byrne and also by a live video, recorded and filmed in vintage black and white in London, at the Act Cool Records Studios in High Barnet. On stage with Pearz, for the occasion, there are Gimmy El Helou on drums, Luca Bianco on percussion, Mike Sutton on bass and Ruari Meehan on guitar.

Pearz moved to London in 2013 following his brit rock band The Hacienda’s international success and he soon became an estimated session and touring musician, a path that brought him to tour not only the UK but the whole of Europe with acts such as Tess Parks and M!R!M (with whom he also collaborated on their respective latest studio records), in addition to Suki Waterhouse, Go!Zilla, Dead Coast, Elius Inferno & The Magic Octagram, Desert Ships, and Gil De Ray.

All these experiences are conveyed in the surprising debut EP Nocturnal of 2020, a physical and psychological journey through the night, and in the previous singles Social Amnesia and Saudadedating back to the last two years. Gifted of great compositional technique, Pearz has absorbed and reworked the influence of different genres, from the typical groove of Italian soundtracks to Balearic music, from nu jazz to soul and electroop. Letting yourself be carried away by the instrumental notes of Blue Winter, this summer could sound fresher and more mysterious.

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