Moonlogue is an instrumental post-rock band from Turin, focused on sounds from planet Earth into the unknown. Their first self-produced single "Estéban" was released on March 26, 2020, to anticipate the debut album "Sail Under Nadìr" to be released during the year.

Moonlogue: Italian band’s journey begins with the first single Estéban, out on March 26, 2020

Moonlogue‘s music is instrumental, but it speaks for itself. With a language that blends electro rock, post-rock, space rock, math rock and progressive.

Moonlogue are an Italian band from Turin, formed by Lorenzo Riccardino, Mattia Calcatelli, Federico Mao and Edoardo Campo. Among previous experiences, Lorenzo and Mattia have already shared the adventure in the duo Glooom, while Mattia has also played in the trio Karin And The Ugly Barnacles together with Federico. The new Moonlogue project was born from the need for a sound research with broader horizons, beyond all the conventions of the song-form. These horizons are depicted through suggestions that derive from astronomy.

The name Moonlogue, not by chance, comes from the playful union of two words: “moon”, source of inspiration and energy for human beings, and “monologue”, in connection with that kind of speech expressed in the tracks thanks to vocal samples that refer to a sci-fi imagery now more realistic than dystopian. Whether you look up or down, towards the stars or the earth we trample on, the common denominator is the essential theme of communication, made possible by notes even before words.

The band combines electric guitar, bass, drums and synthesizers and the use, in fact, of original samples, noises and sequences,  experimenting with an accentuated electronic approach. The reference models, just for orientation, could be Battles, Calibro 35, Darkside, Mogwai and Public Service Broadcasting.

Moonlogue, in their first album Sail Under Nadìr coming out in 2020, dream and tell a story, linked to current environmental topics: the astronaut Estéban receives an extraterrestrial alarm and sets himself in search of the source of the message, moving on his spacecraft from planet to planet and in the meantime collecting more informations. Until he will realize that the planet in danger, the one near the collapse, is the same Earth from which he started.

So, the first danceable single Estéban, released on March 26, 2020, takes its title from the character above. “The track represents the beginning of the journey. Between fantasy and science fiction. Destination: the unknown“. The brand new single Nuage is now available in all digital formats since April 28, 2020 and is built on dreamlike retro-futuristic textures, groove under the skin and threatening riffs, like the sky that darkens more and more, over our heads. “Nuage is a look at the process of deterioration and pollution of the skies and the air“.

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