MIZOOKSTRA is the new project by Mario Conte and Simone Garino, between free jazz and electronic music. Radical improvisation with no formal structures. "SESSION # 5" is their first single available from June 12, 2020 via Sangue Disken.

SESSION#5 is the debut single by MIZOOKSTRA, the new electronic-free jazz project by Mario Conte and Simone Garino

MIZOOKSTRA is a meeting between free jazz and electronic music. It is radical improvisation with no structures at all.

MIZOOKSTRA is the two-headed creature formed by producer and musician Mario Conte and saxophonist Simone Garino, united since 2017 thanks to the attraction towards the most brave and experimental music.

MIZOOKSTRA debuts with the first single SESSION#5, released on June 12, 2020 on all digital platforms by Sangue Disken with the B-side-outtake SESSION#9. SESSION#5 is taken from the upcoming album Also Sprach MIZOOKSTRA (Nietzsche and Strauss are smiling, from another dimension …).

The synthetic component is analog: no laptops. All of the sounds you are going to listen, from melodies to rhythmic patterns, are instantly created. Nothing is pre-programmed. The sounds made by the saxophones are sampled, filtered and re-elaborated in a constant improvisational flow.

Therefore, every live show is unrepeatable, depending on the artists’ mood, on the location and on the very moment of the performance.

An ideal electroacoustic bridge between NYC loft jazz scene and Berghain dancefloor in Berlin.

MIZOOKSTRA derives from a word invented by Bertolt Brecht, that is “misuk”, literally “misuca”. For him “misuk” meant the opposite of “musik” (bourgeoisie nineteenth-century music), with the reject of any formalism hoping for a music proposal at the same time intellectual and popular. Conte and Garino modified the spelling and added the suffix “-stra”, from orchestra: the sounds of the duo can be modified and multiplied infinitely, as if manipulated by a kind of imaginary instant orchestra.

MIZOOKSTRA is an open duo. More than anything else, it represents an intent: to open a window on the “dark side”of the music and who plays it. Without any distinction of gender or cultural origin.

MIZOOKSTRA was born from a need for communication. In our career we have made very different collaborations and we have noticed that often artists do not express what they really are. We all have a ‘dark side’, but maybe we don’t realize it until someone or something gives us the opportunity to get it out. MIZOOKSTRA is our chance. It is the ritual that frees our black soul. We are already working to involve various musicians in our project. This is only the beginning“.

The video for SESSION#5 is realized by Davide Tosco. It is a primitive composition of images that, following a dreamlike narrative, shows scraps of the world we live in through apparently distant associations. As for music, even in the video the cyclicity – fragmented but inexorable – follows an unknown path, in the maze of an indefinite soul. Sexual coupling, as a metaphor for perdition, is a territory generating a resonance, like the loops that make up the saxophone sequences and samples of the track. In the video lovers wander without destination, generating interchangeable causes and effects. One of the elements of Tosco’s research work is the recovery of archival visual materials, inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s “ready-made”, that is the creation of new meanings starting from already existing but decontextualized film objects. The infinite digital archive of information that we access daily, and of which we are co-creators, is the inexhaustible flow, in constant exponential growth, which more or less consciously permeates our lives. We can suffer it by consuming it, or let it be a source of inspiration to help us read our times.

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Label: Sangue Disken | Press: Digipurpress@digipur.it