Manuel Pistacchio

Italian band Manuel Pistacchio, active between Rimini, Ravenna and Bologna, are Diego Pasini, Lorenzo Camera, Francesco Giampaoli and Arianna Pasini. Their second full length record, titled "Scordato Cuore", is out on July 2, 2021 for Brutture Moderne.

Scordato Cuore is the new album by the Italian band Manuel Pistacchio, out on July 2nd, 2021 for the label Brutture Moderne

A heart in trouble that finds the essential rush towards the search for new elements, to get back to its true essence in total freedom.

Scordato Cuore, translatable as a “forgotten heart” and at the same time as an “out of tune heart”, is the second album by the Italian band Manuel Pistacchio, to be released on vinyl and all digital platforms on July 2nd, 2021 for the label Brutture Moderne, two years after the debut album Di primo mattino.

The inspiration for the title comes from a poem by Eugenio Montale. “The ambivalence of meaning of the title Scordato Cuore fits perfectly with the sounds, both digital and retro, and with the meaning of the lyrics. We refer to the relationship between matter, increasingly at the center of people’s lives, and spirit, nowadays completely forgotten. This relationship is inharmonious like an out of tune instrument“.

The line-up is currently composed by Diego Pasini (lyrics, voice and guitar), Lorenzo Camera (synth and arrangements), Francesco Giampaoli (bass and synth, also active in the well known instrumental band Sacri Cuori) and Arianna Pasini (guitar, keyboards and vocals). Manuel Pistacchio is therefore given by the assembly of four musicians gravitating between Rimini, Ravenna and Bologna. Camera and Giampaoli also took care of the production of the record, which was finally mixed by Camera.

The band dimension is now stronger and has brought more variety in the songwriting, characterized by a partial detachment from the previous lo-fi aesthetic and by a greater use of dense sounds and engaging grooves. What remains unchanged is the will to characterize each song, almost as if each of them were an individual with their own specific identity to be discovered.

The single Oceano, available from May 14th, was born from a text written a few years ago during a trip to the Basque Country. The melodies and the guitar chords went through several evolutions before defining themselves. The turning point came with Arianna’s riff and the track was later completed by all the others, for the very first time all together. “This is the song that binds us and concerns us most closely, which profoundly represents the union of our different personalities. That’s why we chose it as first extract“.

In Scordato Cuore, experimentation takes a journey backwards. Recovering various sounds of the 80s and 90s, between indie and psychedelia, the eight songs in the tracklist are placed on a background that recreates an imaginary of nostalgia, that feeling closely linked to the fugacity of merely chronological time. The cover of the record, created by the illustrator Martina Sarritzu, shows a poster of Manuel Pistacchio hanging on a remote wall: their concert could have taken place today or a long time ago.

The “talismans” of Scordato Cuore could be a tree grown from the asphalt, the sympathetic breaths of friendship, the openness to exchange and contamination, but also the simplicity found in listening to an unknown music or in the loneliness of the observation. These are emblems that transcend material dimension and remain unchanged even as time passes. The heart regains its authentic sensitivity when it overcomes its biological function to become a sounding board for emotions.

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