Lady in the Radiator

The Italian duo composed of Sara Parigi and Lorenzo Robin Frosini combines dreamlike atmospheres with nervous noise deviations. Formed in 2019, Lady in the Radiator will release a series of singles that will anticipate their debut album, expected in 2021. Their first single is "Aquamarine".

Aquamarine is the first single by Lady in the Radiator; watch the new video directed by John Snellinberg collective

Italian band Lady in the Radiator have released their first single Aquamarine, available on all digital platforms via Golden Factory Records starting last December 18th.

The Tuscan alt-rock duo, from Prato, is formed by Sara Parigi (vocals, keyboards, guitar, lyrics) and Lorenzo Robin Frosini (guitar, bass), and combines dreamlike atmospheres with nervous noise deviations, creating a sort of “expressionist” sound world.

“Aquamarine arises from the need for something that flows while everything is motionless, and is the result of the historical period we are experiencing. It is the representation not only of a fantastic dream, but also of a recovered strength, of the awareness of a hope“.

Written by the two musicians during the lockdown of March 2020, Aquamarine was produced by Alessio Pepi, with the collaboration of Donald Renda on drums.

Aquamarine video is directed by John Snellinberg, a well known collective active in the making of movies, documentaries and clips. “In the video we tried to convey the fluidity of the song. We followed this direction and, instead of telling a story, we decided to express an atmosphere, a feeling“.

The name chosen by the duo is a reference to Lady in the Radiator, taken from Eraserhead, the first cult movie of the great David Lynch. Lady in the Radiator is a creepy and surreal character, associated as much with darkness as with escapism. For Sara, who at the time worked by curious coincidence for a thermo-hydraulic company, and for Lorenzo, music symbolizes exactly what the figure of Lady in the Radiator symbolizes for Henry, the main character of Eraserhead: the break from reality, an ‘”alternative”.

The songs of Lady in the Radiator are made of opposites, sophisticated and mostly ethereal voices, electric impetus with sharp and scratchy guitars, unsettling rhythmic ups and downs and a spontaneous theatricality on stage. It is no coincidence that, having met after previous musical experiences, Sara and Lorenzo have played live together for the first time and immediately won the 31th edition of the Controradio Rock Contest, the most important Italian competition for indie musicians.

The songwriting process is quite magical because there is no any rule or method. It is as if we were talking to each other through music. Some tracks are conceived as instrumental structures; other ones are instead written starting from intense vocal lines”.

Aquamarine is the first of a series of singles that will anticipate Lady in the Radiator‘s debut album, coming in 2021. Quoting them, “We don’t fear the future, we dance through the water“.

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