Kety Fusco

Kety Fusco is an independent artist with an academic background, later approaching to experimental music. After playing with various orchestras, in Italy and Switzerland, she collaborated with Peter Kernel and played various European festivals. Now she plays her own modern classical compositions. The harp, her instrument of choice, is combined with the use of electronics. Her new single, "Medusah", is available since 1st February 2019.

Medusah is a sound journey that begins in the West and ends in the East. It starts gentle and ends up powerful and tense. It takes your breath away and in the end you find yourself as if you had flown over an Eastern country during a windy night“.

Available since February 1st on all digital platforms via United Soloists, Medusah is the new captivating single by the harpist Kety Fusco.

  • An introduction

Kety Fusco begins to play the harp at the age of 7. After attending the Conservatory and graduating, she moves to Switzerland, in Mesocco, to obtain the Master of Arts in Music Performance. Fusco has played as first harp with several orchestras – such as the Venetial Philarmonic Orchestra “Gian Francesco Malipiero” and the Chamber Orchestra of Lugano directed by Stefano Bazzi – and as a soloist with the Giuseppe Verdi Philarmonic Orchestra of Calci (Pisa) performing in the Debussy’s Sacred and Profane Dances.

  • The development

From the academic sphere to experimentation: Fusco chose to play a new instrument, the electric harp, with which she began a new path of study with her friend Zeno Gabaglio. After some collaborations (Nadine Carina, Charlie Roe, Niton), in October 2016 she met Peter Kernel, an alt-rock band from the Ticinese scene, with whom she arranges, together with the Wicked Orchestra, their songs for a 12″ and some gigs.

  • The turning-point

Kety tours Europe playing in historic venues and important festivals, including Les Rockomotives in Vendôme (France) and Hop Pop Hop Festival in Orleans (France). During the tour she feels the need to write songs. Her own songs, oriented to modern classical music. In January 2017 she released her first enchanting single Floating Fragments, created with electric harp, loop machines, synthesizers, subwoofer. The journey as an independent artist is traced: the rhythmic single Tears & Drops and Moving In The Dark, recorded live, come out. In her instrumental tracks we can find the influence of minimalism masters like Terry Riley, Alva Noto, Yann Tiersen and Jon Hopkins. Otherwise, you can image a mash up between the virtuosic vangard of Zeena Parkins and the tendency towards modernity of Ólafur Arnalds (Kiasmos).

  • The future

The adventure re-start now from the new single Medusah, supported by a DIY made video, that gradually envelops listeners in its whirlpool of exotic nuances, pressing rhythms and chords plucked with increasing intensity. In the meantime, the new Space Harp Tour will touch many European cities. You’re warned.

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