Dust & The Dukes

Dust & the Dukes are a rock band born in Florence in 2016, formed by Gabriel Stanza, Enrico Giannini and Alessio Giusti. Their sound journey goes from the roots of American music to desert rock and blues, under a sky of lysergic atmospheres. After a first EP and an intense live activity, which also led them to support The Veils, Dust & the Dukes will release their debut album in 2020. Out September 20, 2019, "Run" is the rip-roaring first single of the new course.

Dust & The Dukes: band’s ride starts with the new single Run

Dust & The Dukes’journey starts from the single Run, while sand rises in a storm and the darkness envelops the sunset’s tongues of fire.

Released on September 20, 2019, available as limited vinyl 7″and on all digital platforms with Audioglobe’s distribution, Run is a song with animal power, born from a jam session that, thanks to the live dimension, has developed to its final form. The sounds are a mix between an obsessively tribal rhythm and pure rock and roll, starting from the Rolling Stones to get to the shadows of artists like Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. Not forgetting desert rock fervency and Delta blues sources.

Electricity and sweat: Run realizes the primordial instinct of the Florentine trio, formed in 2016 and just a year later winner of the 29th edition of the Controradio Rock Contest, the most important Italian competition for indie musicians. The voice of the Italian-American Gabriel Stanza, also on the trumpet, is supported by the wall of sound guaranteed by Enrico Giannini’s guitar and by Alessio Giusti’s drums.

Lyrics represent a race in which it’s not important the arrival but the act of movement itself. It’s a physical act of pulsing blood and tense muscles, just like ‘living music’. The horse, when it runs, does not know if it’s in the open space of a prairie or in a path established by man: it just runs! This is Run‘s message”.

Run detonates and that’s it, it’s gunpowder, but it is also accompanied by an equally dynamic video, directed by Stanza, in connection with the cover image of the 7”, where one of the horses of the clip is represented with a soulful look and a black leather mask, as if it were a sort of street fighter. It’s a beast reluctantly harnessed, with inevitable anguish, but at the same time it’s an unconscious country hero.

We shot the video in Buti (Pisa), during the so-called ‘palio’ horse race that for us, tied to an American and western imaginary, is equivalent to a sort of Italian rodeo. We have found our America in Pisa”.

On the B-side of the vinyl there is a different version of Shoot Me Down, a song originally contained in the homonymous self-released EP of 2017: “There is a contrast between the A-side and the B-side, as between dark and light, body and soul, wild impulse and introspection”. In a parallel way to an intense live activity, Run is the first extract from the debut album of Dust & The Dukes, coming in 2020 and produced by Andrea Ciacchini at SAM Studio (Blonde Redhead, The Zen Circus). Let the ride begin.

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