Be Forest

Be Forest is a trio based in Pesaro, founded in 2009 and formed by Costanza Delle Rose, Erica Terenzi and Nicola Lampredi. Moving between dream pop, darkwave, post-punk and shoegaze, the three musicians played in Europe, United States and Mexico. After "Cold" and "Earthbeat", "Knocturne" - out 8 February 2019, always on the label WWNBB - is their third studio album.

Open the curtains: Knocturne is the new Be Forest album!

Knocturne is the night knocking at the door. So, let’s open that door and let Be Forest come in, back on February 8 2019 with their long awaited third album, released as the previous ones by We Were Never Being Boring collective. Be Forest are one of the most importand bands of the last ten years for the independent Italian scene, much appreciated also in Europe and in the United States.

If everything is an illusion, when you open the curtains there is an abyss of notes in which to swim or sink, wihout compromises. Costanza Delle Rose (voice, bass), Erica Terenzi (voice, drums, Eminent) and Nicola Lampredi (guitar), more and more original, are the spectators in the theater of everyday life, while on stage there is the darkness in which we must learn to move forward. Knocturne wants to stay on the line of the curtains, in the middle, between the velvet fabric.

In their own words: “It took us a long time to write, record, and finish this album, but it took us even longer to understand its very soul. Unlike our other albums, here there’s no color or geographic place that we can reference: we aren’t in the woods in Norway or in a reservation around a bonfire. We felt attracted by the deepest abysses, by the idea of that interminable darkness. This was the image that was impressed more and more in the new songs”.

After the surprising debut album Cold (2011, reissued in 2017) and the acclaimed second record Earthbeat (2014), after having faced a shoegaze mist and the fire of tribal rhythms, the Pesaro three piece –founded exactly ten years ago, in 2019 – goes into the darkness showing the courage to face the unknown, or to surrender to comfort.

The post-punk or dream pop references become less clear: an immediately recognizable personality is the only thing that shine. The sound, most analogical possible, is minimal, even if the production – shared with Steve Scanu – is stratified and has been meditated for a long time. This sound is made of whispered voices, reverberated chords, martial percussions and smoky “lynchian” atmospheres. It’s no a coincidence that the band has recruited Josh Bonati (already at work with David Lynch, Mac DeMarco, Zola Jesus) for mastering.

As always, the tracklist consists of nine tracks, seven songs and two instrumentals linked in a coherent whole. The first single Bengalais the spotlight that lights up the stage after the curtains open; a celestial body which at the moment of its impact allows us to glimpse our surroundings — it’s the brightest point, the north of the compass. This is, though, only one of the coordinates of Knocturne. Perhaps the most reassuring”. The second single Geminiis one of the last songs written for Knocturne. It’s a short track but encloses a palpable duality: while the guitars warmly surf triplets’ soundwaves, the drums, adamant and controlled, interpose a seemingly ‘techno-music’ intention. The vocals are enticing while invoking a night that extends over the day. It’s a song that wants to wear a dichotomy but never becomes rivalry and rather coexists in its double nature. It’s a bivalence that transforms into couple”. Sigfrido is the latest ghostly single. Ready to begin a new tour, Be Forest are in non-stop motion. In the Atto I video, chosen as record’s teaser, there are some black curtains that open and close. Silence, please: Be Forest are back.

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