Minus – “ROUND”

Minus – “ROUND”
  • Minus
  • "ROUND"
  • Tempo Reale Collection
  • 2 October 2020

ROUND by Minus – Collettivo d’improvvisazione will be released on Tempo Reale Collection on 2 October 2020.

Tempo Reale is the historical research, production and musical teaching center founded by Luciano Berio in Florence. Its activity mainly concerns the application of new technologies to sound. Tempo Reale Collection series was born in 2012, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the center, with the aim of documenting the productive work carried out over the last few years and characterized by the collaboration with important musicians and artists of the international scene. The series, already a dozen titles, will therefore be enriched next 2 October with two new improvisation records, ROUND by Minus and Radioscapes by Zumtrio (presskit), available in CD and on all digital platforms.

Minus is a Bologna-based collective engaged in the search for new languages ​​for improvisation. The purpose of this research is to find new improvisational methods oriented towards the community construction of a musical direction, rediscovering the pleasure of listening and playing music together. ROUND is an improvisation practice which is the result of Minus’ research and gives title to their first record. It is a system of rules that guides the relationships between musicians during the performance, and its goal is the development of a modular system, through “construction modules and diversion modules”. ROUND is not a preordained chain of events: on the contrary, it describes a series of possible situations and suggests to the performers some paths that can be followed, always leaving them the final choice. In ROUND the musician is invited not only to play but above all to listen, giving space to other musicians, orienting towards the construction of a community sense. Listening, you can perceive an elastic form that becomes structured in the making, where the different improvisational situations present themselves in a continuous cycle.

The name Minus expresses the musical philosophy of the group, influenced by the electroacoustic language: playing less to give each other more space, identity and community. The collective currently has six effective members (Simone Faraci, Marco Giampieretti, Giovanni Magaglio, Matteo Pastorello, Federico Pipia and Niccolò Salvi), but it is often open to collaborations with other musicians. The members of the collective experiment always with different line-ups. In ROUND the collective has used prepared piano, objects, live electronics, synthesizers and sampler, but also clarinets, saxophones, cello, electric guitar, drums, digital sets and soundscape.

The four tracks were recorded in Bologna, at MicroBo Studio, with the only exception of Round #6, recorded in Florence at Tempo Reale/Studio B. The criterion for the numerical order of the tracks is chronological, based on the recording date. Four line-ups with different sounds have been chosen, with which have been programmed as many different sessions. The tracks on the record are the result of a selection among the takes of those sessions: Round #4 is characterized by a mostly acoustic instrumentation, Round #5 reveals an almost “rock” instrumentation, Round #6 is completely electronic and Round #7, in the end, presents a mixed setting, with acoustic, electric and electronic instruments.

Since its foundation in 2017, Minus – Collettivo d’improvvisazione has been invited to various festivals including Tempo Reale Festival and Bologna Modern. In 2019 the collective is engaged in two productions that also involve theater. In 2019 the record Sintagmi, created together with Daniele Carcassi and Giovanni Onorato, is released by Switch Music Recordings, in which Minus not only plays its own music but for the first time plays also Back To Silence, an improvisation system by Francesco Giomi. ROUND is the collective’s first proper album.

Tempo Reale
Founded by Luciano Berio in Florence in 1987, it is now one of the main European reference points for research, production and educational activities in the field of new musical technologies and electronic music. Since its foundation the centre has been committed to the production of Berio’s works, working on the most prestigious stages in the world. The development of quality and creativity criteria derived from these experiences reverberated itself in the work that is continuously carried on with other great composers and artists as well as young and emerging musicians. The main subjects of research reflect the polyhedral attitude of Tempo Reale towards music: the conception of great musical events, the study of real time sound processing and interaction between sound and space, the synergy between creativity, scientific competence, performative and educational rigour. Events, meetings and projects developed at a local level regularly come alongside the research activities in this areas. On such occasions the centre cooperates with the main institutions of Tuscany, both in the field of music, theatre and dance, and in the promotion of a tight net of educational experiences.

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