Dust & The Dukes – “Life In A Bottle”

Dust & The Dukes – “Life In A Bottle”
  • Dust & The Dukes
  • "Life In A Bottle"
  • Audioglobe
  • 11 December 2019

Life in A Bottle is the new Dust & The Dukes’ single, digitally available since 11 December 2019

Life in a bottle / We together / ’cause we are rebels / In a land where up is down / And the end is coming soon“. Sometimes up above becomes down below, or vice versa. After the wild rock and roll of the previous Run (presskit) and after the opening for the last Italian concert of the legendary Sahara rockers Tinariwen, Dust & The Dukes present their new reflexive and melodic single Life In A Bottle, out on all digital platforms on December 11, 2019 with Audioglobe distribution and a cover where there stands out a mysterious pic turned upside down, beyond a glass. From the electric fire to the American blues powder, for the Florentine trio formed by the Italian-American Gabriel Stanza (vocals), Enrico Giannini (guitars) and Alessio Giusti (drums and percussion), supported for the occasion by Uberto Rapisardi (The Veils) as special guest at the Hammond organ.

“Life In A Bottle is a sad song, but at the same time it offers a grain of hope. It tells about life and anxiety that we face day after day, trying to reach our dreams, but suddenly it can happen that everything turns upside down. The song was written at first, materializing itself like an illumination. A rare event, like the discovery of water in the desert”.

The original version of Life In A Bottle is accompanied by a specular Direct To Vinyl Session, made at Lari’s Sam Recording Studio thanks to Andrea Ciacchini (band producer) and Mirco Mencacci. So, the song was immortalized with the method of the old bluesmen loved and recently used by Jack White: a single microphone in the room and recording made directly on vinyl. Ciacchini himself explains how the idea of Direct To Vinyl was born: “The new audio technologies are offering great opportunities, but they can erase the emotion of the exhibition. For this reason, to preserve energy and engrave it as if it were a sculpture, we have restored a Presto lathe of the 40s and recorded on vinyl. We are aware that we can no longer modify the captured moment“. A video of the performance was also taken from this exclusive session.

Dust & The Dukes continue their journey, in view of the further news and the European tour coming next year. Welcome to The desert’s Upside Down.

European Tour
11.03.20 – CH/FR – Chambery – Brin De Zinc
12.03.20 – FR – Bourges – Le Nadir
13.03.20 – FR – Chateauroux – Les Comptoir Sonores
14.03.20 – FR – Poitiers – Cluricaume Cafe
15.03.20 – FR – Quimper – La Baleine Déshydratée
19.03.20 – UK – Birmingham – Sunflower Lounge With Qute Zoo Promotion
20.03.20 – UK – London – Strongroom
21.03.20 – UK – Chelmsford – Hot Box Live Events
25.03.20 – FR – Troyes – The Message
26.03.20 – FR – Basel – Bar Renee
27.03.20 – FR – Saint Etienne – Disorder Club
28.03.20 – CH – Nevers – La Tavern
and more dates TBA

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