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Pearz shares new acid house single “Social Amnesia”, out on June 16th, 2021 via Annibale Records

Pearz shares new acid house single Social Amnesia, out on June 16th, 2021 via Annibale Records

Social Amnesia is the new single by Pearz, the project of the Florentine multi-instrumentalist Francesco Perini, active in London, and is out on all digital platforms on June 16th, 2021 via Annibale Records

Social Amnesia is a mix of elegance and energy aimed at club sounds of the early 90s, basically both English acid house and American soul, with the addition of synths with a darkwave imprint and afro rhythms, with possible references to Liquid Liquid and Screamadelica by Primal Scream.

Social Amnesia includes a sample taken from a speech of Angela Davis, famous activist of the African American movement against any kind of racism and sexism. “Social Amnesia reflects the oddity of how we, as a society, make the same mistakes. We are always falling in the same loops because we want to forget our mistakes as quickly as possible, instead of facing them“.

For the artwork, Pearz continues his collaboration with the acclaimed graphic designer Raissa Pardini, already at work for artists such as IDLES, The Orielles and Mystery Jets, this time inspired by the old flyers of the house evenings a few decades ago. The effect, for the cover of the single, is almost that of a sparkling plasticized flayer, while the relative video is also a tribute to Prince’s Sign o ‘The Times.

Having cut his teeth as a former member of The Hacienda and as session musician for the likes of Tess Parks and M!R!M, the London-based artist’s solo endeavours stem from “years of erratic and sleepless music nights”. All this culminated in the surprising Nocturnal, debut solo EP released on November 2020, a physical and psychological journey through the night based on the typical groove of classic Italian soundtracks, electropop, nu jazz influences, balearic music and hip hop beats.

Social Amnesia turns the page and start over, towards the future.


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