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On 26 October 2020 Clever Square release the new single “Little Flaws”, via Bronson Recordings

On 26 October 2020 Clever Square release the new single Little Flaws, via Bronson Recordings.

Giacomo D’Attorre, voice and guitar, as well as the author of the collage chosen as cover artwork, illustrates the genesis of the track: “If everything that passed between us existed only as a set of possibilities, my aim should have been to broaden the scope of her speculations about me‘, writes Gerald Murnane in The Plains, a very fascinating book I read a few months ago. Little Flaws collects my thoughts about this line of text, and it seems to me that we have managed to drain it all, as if it were foam dripping out of a glass of freshly tapped beer“.

Recorded as usual by Marco Giudici, Little Flaws starts a completely new course that will be developed/unveiled in the coming months and continues at the same time to make seem simple what is not at all: centering a perfect mix between indie rock and melodic songwriting. Little Flaws is quite simply the first testimony of the Clever Square of the future.



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