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Moonlogue: “Nuage” is the brand new single from the Turin post-rock electro band

After the previous, danceable Estéban, released in March, Nuage is the brand new Moonlogue single, available in digital format since April 28, 2020 and built on dreamlike retro-futuristic textures, groove under the skin and threatening riffs, like the sky that darkens more and more, over our heads. “Nuage is a look at the process of deterioration and pollution of the skies and the air“.

Moonlogue are an Italian band from Turin, that combines electric guitar, bass, drums and synthesizers and the use, in fact, of original samples, noises and sequences,  experimenting with an accentuated electronic approach.

Moonlogue, in their first album Sail Under Nadìr coming out next summer, dream and tell a story, linked to current environmental topics: the astronaut Estéban receives an extraterrestrial alarm and sets himself in search of its source, collecting more informations. Nuage symbolizes one of the first messages that pushes him to find a meaning. Until he will realize that the planet in danger, the one near the collapse, is the same Earth from which he left.


“Life In A Bottle” is the new Dust & The Dukes’ single, out today

“Life in a bottle / We together / ’cause we are rebels / In a land where up is down / And the end is… Leggi Tutto

submeet announce their first album “Terminal”, to be released on January 24th 2020 by Lady Sometimes Records. Brand new single out today!

“The place we were inspired by is the airport. Not one in particular, but the imagery of all the elements that make up the experience… Leggi Tutto

Post-jazz duo Drone San release self-titled debut album via Horribly Loud Records

There is a new, unidentified sound object on the horizon. Its name is Drone San, the project of Nicola Pedroni (musician and sound designer active for over fifteen years,… Leggi Tutto