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Moonlogue: debut album “Sail Under Nadir” will be released on July 3, 2020; third new single “Rainyard” out today

Moonlogue‘s music is mainly instrumental but it speaks for itself with a language that blends electro rock, post-rock, space rock, math rock, progressive and current environmental issuesSail Under Nadir, their debut album, will be released on CD and on all digital platforms on 3 July 2020, preceded by the singles EstébanNuage and Rainyard. “Our record tells a journey through extreme scenarios, where exasperation of progress, greed and desire for control have consumed the world in which we live in

Moonlogue are an Italian band from Turin, formed by Lorenzo Riccardino, Mattia Calcatelli, Federico Mao and Edoardo Campo. Among previous experiences, Lorenzo and Mattia have already shared the adventure in the duo Glooom, while Mattia has also played in the trio Karin And The Ugly Barnacles together with Federico. The new Moonlogue project was born from the need for a sound research with broader horizons, beyond all the conventions of the song-form. These horizons are depicted through suggestions that derive from astronomy. The name Moonlogue, not by chance, comes from the playful union of two words: “moon”, source of inspiration and energy for human beings, and “monologue”, in connection with that kind of speech expressed in the tracks thanks to a narrating voice that refer to a sci-fi imagery now more realistic than dystopian.

Moonlogue combine electric guitar, bass, drums, synthesizers, noises and sequences, experimenting with an accentuated electronic approach, and the use of original samples obtained from the interpretation of the band’s lyrics by Oliver Hutchison, Australian professor of English Literature. The reference models, just for orientation, could be Battles, Calibro 35, Darkside, Mogwai and Public Service Broadcasting.

In their first album Sail Under Nadìr, written, produced and mixed in their own laboratory-recording studio, Moonlogue dream a story that could belong to an episode of the TV series Tales From The Loop: the astronaut Estéban receives an interstellar alarm and sets himself in search of the source of the message, collecting more informations. Until he will realize that the planet in danger, the one near to the collapse, is the same Earth from which he left.

Announced by the intro 01 (“It will change the way you think about the future, it will change the way you think about humanity, it will change the way you think about the fabric of the universe“), the exploration starts with the mysterious electric gloom of Graphite and the danceable rhythms of Estéban, going on with the epic Grains, about the sense of existence, and the aggressiveness of Borderland, about the breakdown of capitalism. Moonflares‘ cathartic schizophrenia symbolizes the melting of glaciers. Nuage, built on dreamlike retro-futuristic textures, groove under the skin and threatening riff, illustrates the process of deterioration and pollution of the skies and the air. Treeless and Zwangslage represent the imminent apocalypse, caused by chasing after technology and war conflicts. If in the melancholy melody of Rainyard the delays of guitars and the keyboards turn into drops of water in a storm, placing attention on the drought effects, the outro 00 closes the tracklist with the hope for a still possible revolution.


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