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Mondoriviera: post-electronic horror debut album is titled “Il Tempio degli Uomini Granchio” and is announced on June 5, 2020

l Tempio degli Uomini Granchio (in English, it could be translated as The Temple of Crab Men) is the first album by Mondoriviera, the new project by Lorenzo Camera, also involved in the Italian bands Manuel Pistacchio and Ponzio Pilates. The album will be released on vinyl and all digital platforms on June 5, 2020 by Brutture Moderne, an independent label that has always supported the artistic path of the young, versatile and imaginative musician from Romagna, from the province of Rimini. “The record was born from the desire to try to make a record entirely on my own, giving space to the most unusual aesthetic choices and my personal changes“.

Il Tempio degli Uomini Granchio is a lo-fi post-electronic soundtrack for a film (still) never made, mainly created with a very old PC, equipped with completely free software and plugins, and an effected guitar. “I was inspired by the perpetual and engaging sonic metamorphosis of Spencer Clark and James Ferraro: they had a monstrous influence on me and helped me to refresh my imagination“.

The thirteen instrumental tracks follow one another telling a story that has its roots in the horror magazines for kids of the 80s, filtered through different degrees of pro-vaporwave psychedelia. “I grew up with splatter movies. Movies like George Romero’s Creepshow and Peter Jackson’s emblematic Splatters have brought out that bloody mood that characterizes the record and stands in total contrast to the disgusting sweetness nowadays proposed to us almost everywhere“.

The plot of the concept album orbits around a young mutant tormented by a gloomy hallucination, which will lead him to embark on a journey into the unknown. Only after a few days, the mutant will become aware of the existence of the so-called The Temple of the Crab Men, which will become his goal. And ours too.

In Mondoriviera the visual part is complementary to music. During songwriting, Lorenzo Camera had fun also experimenting with three-dimensional modeling and animation, always thanks to the help of open source programs, rendering and editing clips that constitute now eclectic visuals between 3D computer graphics, amateur aesthetics and mental trip. For example in the video of Multimedi Evil, the first single, we can see the “training area” in preparation for the virtual reincarnation of the main character.

Take your ticket for Mondoriviera: the vintage-synthetic panorama will make you scream!


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