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“Magic Wand” is the brand new single by KICK, out now on Anomic Records/Dischi Sotterranei

Magic Wand is the new surprise from Italian duo KICK, that is the brand new single out today November 14, 2022 on Anomic Records (Berlin, Germany) and Dischi Sotterranei (Padua, Italy). The single marks also the end of a very rich year for the band leaded by Chiara Amalia Bernardini and Nicola Mora, to follow the recent sweet noise studio album Light Figures, dating back to last March and featuring also Scott Reeder (Kyuss, Fireball Ministry).

Magic Wand renews the collaboration with  Marco Fasolo (Jennifer Gentle, I Hate My Village), who recorded the song at Big Tree Studio in Brescia and took care of the mix. The master was made by Rick Zambly. The music, however, compared to the roughness of Light Figures, becomes more eccentric and ethereal, between lysergic dream pop and the inspiration provided by Italian Library Music of the 70s and 80s.

To support Bernardini (vocals and bass) and Mora (guitars), there are Nicola Giustacchini (drums and percussions) and Simone Apostoli (synths and piano) – the current live line-up, waiting for the Berliner gig of November 18th at the Synästhesie Festival.

Magic Wand is intended to be a playful celebration of female masturbation, seen not only as an instrument of pleasure for its own sake, but also as a useful tool for achieving one’s own awareness, and for discovering one’s own voice. According to KICK, “We live in a highly sexualized society, where we are constantly exposed to sexual content. This happens independently of our active search for such content; think, for example, of advertising, which uses sex more or less subtly to sell the most disparate products and goods. However, attention has always been focused on male pleasure, underestimating the importance of female pleasure. Knowing our body and what gives us pleasure is an important part of our empowerment, with all the positive personal and social consequences that this brings with it“.

The butterflies in the cover art, created by Angelina Golt, symbolically allude to the theme of the lyrics, while the glitch effect is almost a visual realization of the psychedelic sound of the song.


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