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Luca Di Maio is back with “Aspettami”, the brand new single out today 22 May 2020

A un anno dalla pubblicazione del suo secondo album Piccole armi/Grandi imprese,  torna con il nuovo singolo Aspettami, in uscita oggi 22 maggio 2020.

Italian singer-songwriter and producer Luca Di Maio shares a new song a year after his second album Piccole armi/Grandi imprese, whose lead single Dove sei? has just been awarded an Honorable Mention in the World Music category in the 2019 International Songwriting Contest.

The song was composed and recorded at home (in Amsterdam) during the quarantine, and has been coproduced by Sergio Salvi (Delaporte) and mixed by Fabrizio Somma, aka K- Conjog.

The 3-minute-long song features the wide range of styles of Di Maio’s peculiar songwriting: alt-folk, world music, sampling, synths, drum machines. It is a crescendo that starts quietly with a harmonium and two far away voices, and ends with a danceable coda.

Aspettami is a story of hope and delusion, deep as Luca’s lyrics always are. Finally, with Aspettami Luca Di Maio takes his songwriting one step further, proving himself to be a notable exception in the Italian music scene.


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