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“Libera” is the debut EP of the Italian-London future trip hop artist Le Marina, out May 8, 2020; out now the first track/teaser “I Found A VHS”


Le Marina is a dual personality songwriter. Or rather, Le Marina is an imaginary duo made up of mirror versions of the same artist, Marina obviously, born not by chance under the sign of Gemini. That’s why, despite being a soloist, her name is preceded by a plural article.

Geographical references are also double. Born in a small town in the province of Florence, raised in the Tuscan countryside, Marina spent most of her childhood drawing and building tree houses. Music, however, became soon her main passion and she started to write poetry and lyrics, to compose, sing and play songs. For her, music is a self-discovery and healing path, sometimes fluid, sometimes complex and painful. In 2012 Marina moved to London, where she developed her musical production techniques, performed in various clubs and festivals and her artistic and introspective research finally blossomed in Le Marina project.

Libera is her debut EP, out on May 8, 2020 via the English label The Sound Of Everything which has released also her previous singles. On the other side, the collaboration with the Tuscan management and booking agency Wild Elsa, launched in 2018, has allowed her to reconnect to the roots and return to play in Italy.

The minimal sound of Le Marina has been defined future trip hop, influenced by the historic scene of Bristol captained by Massive Attack but also similar to the contemporary nu-R&B of FKA twigs or to the intimate electro-songwriting of Tirzah. It’s a bipolar sound, which can be as romantic as it is macabre. Libera contains six songs in coherent succession with each other. The intriguing intro I Found A VHS has now been chosen as teaser single.

Libera was realized entirely in London, following a clearly British sound, even if its title is in Italian language: “I titled my EP Libera, despite having lived in the United Kingdom for eight years, because my liberation process started in Italy, culminating in the decision to move abroad“. Le Marina did everything in complete autonomy, both music and DIY videoclips, shot and edited by herself. The themes are those of psychic distress, depression and loneliness that a person can suddenly experience living in a large cosmopolitan city in order to pursue a dream.


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