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Kety Fusco: european Space Harp Tour (and new video)

Check out the new dates of Kety Fusco‘s Space Harp Tour, that will hit Bruxelles, Copenaghen, Berlin, Turin and many other cities.

Below, you can watch also the new Medusah single’s video.

In Kety’s words: “I started planning to shoot a video for this song on January 2019; I had a lot of ideas and with a filmmaker we also started shooting but a I slowly realized it wasn’t the right way to represent these sounds. It’s a song about something that deeply intrigue me: the crossover between approaches and results in an unconscious intention. I didn’t want to write an electronic song with harp and an oriental mood. It came out putting together external inputs and giving them a common playground. And I wanted the same approach with the video. Nothing planned. I wanted to get inspired by random videos I found. I wanted the dress this music with a flow of images taken from different cultures and ages and purposes. As soon as I started building random images I realized that the female sensuality was the best feeling to drive through the soul of the song. Women’s gestures and movements made for different situations and purposes combine together pumped up the identity of the song. This song is for everyone and made from everyone and I finally found the way to respect it with this global collage of (royalty free) videos that knocked at my heart when surfin the web. The result a unique, powerful and sensual dance. It’s not my dance, it’s not Medusah’s dance; it’s life’s dance. I won’t call it an official video, but a web-sourced shared experience. It makes me feel good and complete“.



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