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Dust & The Dukes release new single “Secrets In The House” and announce European Tour 2020

Secrets In The House is a pop song about blues. It’s a song with positive vibes”.

After the race at breakneck speed of Run and the enigmatic reflections of Life In A Bottle, the previous singles released in 2019, for Dust & the Dukes it’s time to take a walk on the sunny side of r’n’r.

Available on all digital platforms since 21 February 2020 with Audioglobe distribution, Secrets In The House offers an irresistible mix of catchiness and energy: the voice and the keyboards of the Italian American Gabriel Stanza drive the leading melody, while the electric guitar by Enrico Giannini and the drums by Alessio Giusti sculpt desert rock riffs and rhythms. The result is a “ghost dance” to be danced on the toe of your boots, alternating heel strokes on the hot ground.

“Secrets In The House represents the meeting, comparable to a dance, which takes place between two people connected by an invisible thread. The place where the action takes place is… the soul, so far away and at the same time so close to us. The song tells love through the simple movements that we have under our eyes every day but we often forget to appreciate and live: it is up to the viewer to recognize the magic of dance inside these apparently ordinary gestures. That’s why we can define them as well-kept secrets in the house in which we live, that’s the world”.

Recorded at Sam Recording Studio in Lari by the producer Andrea Ciacchini (Blonde Redhead, The Zen Circus, Motta), the three singles released over the past few months have started a new artistic phase for the Florentine band, waiting for the debut album coming in 2020 and more news.

Dust & The Dukes, formed in 2016, have always had a fervent live activity, also as supporters for international names such as The Veils and Tinariwen. Now it’s the time for their first European tour that will take them, after a preview in their hometown, to various cities in France, United Kingdom and Switzerland.


European Tour 2020
29/02/2020 – IT, Florence, Glue
11/03/2020 – FR, Chambery, Brin De Zinc
12/03/2020 – FR, Bourges, Le Nadir
13/03/2020 – FR, Chatearoux, Le Bruit Qui Tourne
14/03/2020 – FR, Poitiers, Cluricaume Cafe
15/03/2020 – FR, Quimper, La Baleine Déshydratée
16/03/2020 – FR, Paris, Culture Rapide
19/03/2020 – UK, Birmingham, Sunflower Lounge
20/03/2020 – UK, London, Strongroom
21/03/2020 – UK, Chelmsford, Hot Box Live Events
22/03/2020 – FR, Saint Omer, La Tavern De Duchenot
24/03/2020 – FR, Amiens, Sombrero Cafe
25/03/2020 – FR, Troyes, The Message
26/03/2020 – CH, Basel, Bar Renee
27/03/2020 – FR, Saint Etienne, Disorder Club
28/03/2020 – FR, Nevers, La Tavern
29/03/2020 – FR, Ainay Le Chateau, Bistrot Culture


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