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Diplomatics release new post-punk single “Nevah” via Slimer Records

Out today October 30, 2020 via Slimer Records after the streaming premiere on Son Of MarketingNevah marks a stylistic turning point for the Italian band Diplomatics: their brand new single, looking in a post-punk and new wave direction, is characterized by a semi-spoken vocal line and acid and nervous guitars, with effected arpeggios. The rough approach of the band from Venice gains in freshness and groove, influenced by groups belonging to today’s British scene, starting with Fontaines D.C. to continue with Shame, IDLES and Savages: “Each of us had a difficult period between the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. We got close to these bands because of the absolutely sincere anger that they are able to unleash with their poetic disposition, helping to make punk current again and transforming themselves into new points of reference”.

New points of reference that the boys add to their rock, punk and soul background, derived from the New York of the 70s but capable of mixing with a crossover attitude various influences such as, among others, Stooges, Rolling Stones, Velvet Underground, The Clash, Ramones, Grateful Dead, Isley Brothers and Stone Roses.

Nevah deals with an extraterrestrial who landed on Earth and, despite being fascinated by the beauty of our planet, is disappointed by what he sees around him: sad, lonely people, dissatisfied in a world in disarray. The misanthropy of the lyrics represents the band’s state of mind in this unique historical period, a self-examination of conscience.

The recordings were made in February 2020 by Brown Barcella at the T.U.P. Studio, in Brescia: a choice due to the love for analog sounds.

The cover artwork is by the well-known graphic designer Raissa Pardini, living in Glasgow and working for many artists including IDLES, The Orielles and Mistery Jets.

Nevah is accompanied by a videoclip made by Edoardo Bocchi with a succession of snappy and frenetic shots in the hills of the Vicenza province, in abandoned and decadent places that constitute a dystopian scenario in line with the themes of the text.



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