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dellacasa maldive shares his Stardust cover “Più Bella – Music Sounds Better With You”, out today via Pioggia Rossa Dischi

Più Bella – Music Sounds Better With You is the first cover released by dellacasa maldive, out today March 24th, 2023 on all digital platforms via the independent label Pioggia Rossa Dischi, and it’s also the first single after the release of his second album Sale Rosa of 2021.

dellacasa maldive is the Italian music project, born in 2016, of the multi-instrumentalist Riccardo Dellacasa. A mix of electronics, pop and psychedelia. Music to sing and dance.

dellacasa maldive chose this Stardust track because it’s a representative song of the electro-disco scene of the last few decades, considered “the most beautiful house song of the millennium”. Music Sounds Better With You was also the only song released in 1998 by the French supergroup Stardust, formed by Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk and Alan Brake, as well as vocalist Benjamin Diamond.

Più Bella – Music Sounds Better With You is a personal and sunny reinterpretation of a hymn that closes the period related to Sale Rosa, waiting for the next original songs. Più Bella – Music Sounds Better With You has been re-arranged and partially translated into Italian: its meaning is that the music played live is “more beautiful” thanks to the presence of an audience.

The single was sung by Riccardo Dellacasa, played by Dellacasa and Dario Canepa, recorded by Emanuele Morena and Dellacasa at Tabasco Studio and Dellacasa Studio, mixed by Morena and Dellacasa, mastered by Andrea De Bernardi (Eleven Studio).



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