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Be Forest: “Knocturne” Tour – Europe Spring 2019!!!


Simone Faraci: “Τυέρτι (radio edit)” è il nuovo singolo da “Echo Ex Machina”, concept album elettronico in uscita il 1 ottobre 2021 su Slowth Records

Echo Ex Machina is the first solo record by Simone Faraci, an Italian musician based in Bologna, where he has been active for several years in the… Leggi Tutto

“Also Sprach MIZOOKSTRA” is the debut album by MIZOOKSTRA, the new electro-free jazz project by Mario Conte & Simone Garino, out now on Sangue Disken

MIZOOKSTRA is a meeting between free jazz and electronic music. It is radical improvisation with no structures at all. MIZOOKSTRA is the two-headed project formed by producer and musician Mario… Leggi Tutto

Phill Reynolds: “The Fault Is Mine” is the brand new single from the concept album on the road “A Ride”, out on June 17th, 2022 via Bronson Recordings

Like all the best concept albums, A Ride takes you on a journey. This one concerns the last three days of an American runaway’s life…. Leggi Tutto