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?Alos & Xabier Iriondo: “Gelosia” is the new single from “Coscienza di sé”, followed by “Gelosia EP” remix

Gelosia  is the second single from Coscienza di sé, the record by ?Alos and Xabier Iriondo dedicated to the anarchist/feminist Emma Goldman: “Considering the numerous cases of femicide and domestic violence, today jealousy is a topic of great importance“. That jealousy that, according to the prophetic Goldman, “lies, cheats, deceives and kills“.

The song is supported by Gelosia EP, mastered by Giovanni Versari and released on all digital platforms on 20 September 2019 by Sangue Disken. In the tracklist, in addition to the original version of the song, there are four disturbing and eclectic remixes signed by the electronic producer and experimenter Mario Conte, the musician and sound designer Luca Maria Baldini and the multimedia composer and designer Riccardo Castaldi.

You can preview it on the website of the Italian magazine Rockerilla: here.


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