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Digipur is a press office born from the journalistic experience, especially in the music field, of Elena Raugei. Our goal is to convey quality artistic projects in the best communication form.


Pitchtorch: “I Can See The Light From Here” is the new album to be released on February 3rd, 2023; listen to the brand new single “Jack Of All Trades”

Light continues to be at the center of the music of Pitchtorch, an alt-folk trio formed by members of The Gutbuckets, Guano Padano and The Vickers. “Light is something to strive for.... Leggi Tutto

“Paradiso” is the new solo album by Bruno Dorella, with the music for the choreographic project of gruppo nanou – out now via 13 / Silentes

Italian musician and producer Bruno Dorella guides us to Paradiso, his new solo album, with the music for the homonymous choreographic project of gruppo nanou, out today November 25th,... Leggi Tutto

“If” is the new single by Italian band Rigolò, from the new album “Aliante” to be released on January 20th, 2023 via Antropotopia

The sense of time, renunciation and individualism are the themes that inspired the songwriting of Aliante, the new album by Italian band Rigolò, to be released on... Leggi Tutto